White quartz countertops are a perfect choice for kitchen, bathroom or any spaces. The variety in texture, easy maintenance, and durability make quartz countertops a popular and ideal option for the professionals and homeowners.

Quartz is a contemporary addition to the countertop materials family. It is a man-made or engineered material. Quartz countertops are consist of crushed or ground quartz, which is the second most common mineral on Earth. Mixed with resins, polymers, and pigment; ground quartz helps to create a variety of textures and colors.


Granite has a variety of colors and patterns due to the way it’s formed by the cooling and solidifying of molten minerals. No two granite materials are the same. The most common colors tend to be white, pink, or gray.

While granite has a wide selection, you would have to search for the right piece that matches your color scheme.

On the other hand, quartz countertops have the look of stone, and the best part is you can customize the design! This makes the selection process much easier. And did I mention quartz looks beautiful? It has an excellent gloss that will last for a long time.


White quartz countertop needs special care than other colors. But here is the good news; a white quartz countertop is very easy to maintain. The no-porous feature of quartz makes cleaning incredibly easy and stress-free. Granite and marble can absorb liquids because of their porous nature, which would lead to stains. But quartz is completely stain resistant.

White quartz does not need any kind of special cleaner. Harsh cleaning chemicals may damage the surface, so if anything spills, use simple soap, and warm water for cleaning.


White quartz countertops come in with a variety of textures. Raphael Stone manufactures countertops that can be polished or leather finished. The polished countertop has a smoother and shiny finish. A leathered surface usually has a soft sheen to it but is much less shiny than the glossy look of a polished slab.

Most of the white quartz countertops have streaks and veins of black or grey which provide a great alternative to marble. Marble look quartz has the beautiful look of marble with all the durability and easy maintenance of quartz.

Why Raphael Stone?

Raphael Stone, headquartered in Lodi, New Jersey, with warehouses throughout North America, is one of the largest quartz manufacturing companies in the US. Recently, it opened a new quartz factory in Turkey. Raphael Stone sells to Designers, Builders, Home Owners, Distributors, and Fabricators. Raphael’s quartz slabs are much larger than industry standards at 127” x 64”. As one of the largest suppliers of quartz stone, we also sell the highest quality porcelainmosaics, porcelain pavers, and engineered marble.
Raphael’s collection of quartz filled with colors and textures. It offers more than 70 colors and patterns which 40 of them have marble-look and book-matched. All the products come with LIFETIME WARRANTY* and free delivery** within a day or the next day up to 50 miles radius to the customer’s location. You can also order up to 3 Free Samples.


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